Lithium-polymer battery 12V 10AH

Quality Li-ion battery for solar street lamps


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12V 10AH~60Ah LiFePO4 Battery For Solar Street Lights

LI-ION Battery


1) LiFePO4 batteries with high capacity, light weight, high consistency, high security.

2) Deep cycle car batteries with long cycle life > 2500 times.

3) No memory effect, environmental friendly

4) High gravimetric specific energy, high volumetric specific energy, good deep discharge capacity.

5) Rechargeable lithium battery pack can be customized. Cells can be combined in series to increase voltage and parallel to increase capacity.

solar street light battery

solar street light battery 3


Parameters of 10Ah Lithium-polymer battery 12V solar lamp batteries

Cell model GLP10Ah-7768256
Capacity(0.5C) 10Ah
rated voltage(V) 3.2V
Typical Impedance (mΩ) ≤2mW
Battery material LiFePO4
Lithium ion phosphate battery


Combination method 1P4S
Minimal capacity(0.5C) 10Ah
Nominal voltage 12V
Max. charge voltage 14.6V
Discharge cut-off voltage           9V-10V
Max Charge current 5A
Max Working current 5A
Standard charge current 3A
Standard discharge current 3A
Pack Impedance standard ≤35mW
Weight (Approx.) ≈1.0Kg
Max. dimension(L×W×H)(mm) ≤ 35*72*286

Operating  temperature

Charge temperature 0℃~45℃
Discharge temperature -20℃~55℃

12V,24V available ,10AH,20AH,30AH,40AH,50AH,60AH,100AH,120AH,200AH etc.  available