Off-grid&Grid-tied Hybrid Solar inverter
(Off & On-grid hybrid solar inverter)
Model: WGS 1~12.5 KVA
Rated Output Power:800~10000 Watts
Single Phase
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Grid-tied Hybrid Solar inverter
(Off & On-grid hybrid solar inverter with MPPT and AC charger)
Model: WGS 1~12.5 KVA
Single Phase
Rated Power Factor:0.8
Rated Output Power:800~10000 Watts
Monitor:LCD display
Cabinet: Wall-mounted Or Floor-standing types

Description of series:

WGS series are flexible and smart hybrid solar inverter which on -grid,off -grid,grid-tied functions are all in one machine. Solar power ,Grid AC power and battery power supply continuous power. Feed-in to grid is not only choce and power backup when Grid AC fails.



  • Unique desing torordal transformer,pure sine wave output
  • CPU management, intelligent control,modular desin, LCD display
  • Smart frequency with best programming design,high stability
  • Grid-tied inverter with backup energy storage
  • Easy to install and configure a solar system
  • Built-in MPPT solar controller and AC charger,high charging efficiency
  • Low power consumption,high conversion efficiency

Off & On-grid hybrid solar inverter

WGS series

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Off-grid&Grid-tied Hybrid Solar inverter connection

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