Three- phases Solar Inverter

(with MPPT solar charger and AC charger built-in)

2.4KW~120 KW

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Off-grid Solar inverter in three phases
(Three phases Inverter with MPPT solar charger and AC charger built-in)
Model: WGT 3~150 KVA
Rated Power Factor: 0.8
Rated Output Power:2.4KW~120 KW
Three Phase,Pure sine wave output
Monitor:LCD display
Cabinet: Floor-standing types
WGT three-phase hybrid solar inverter with built-in MPPT solar charge controller is designed to meet needs of commercial & industrial solar power. It is smart frequency with toroidal transformer and pure sine wave output. It can make good use of solar to supply power for all kinds of loads, especially for inductive loads (ex:10KW can power 7KW motor.) Grid AC also can charge battery for power backup.
High Stability ,High Efficiency,Easy Maintenance
Three-phase PV inverter with high stability
Advanced MCU intelligent management, modular design for easy use and maintenance
5.5″ big LCD display, full data displayed and manually operate easily
Toroidal transformer
Smart MPPT for enhanced high efficiency(up to 99%)
Industry-grade components for long life span
Flexible work mode options available and functions customized
IGBT Full-bridge
Easy to install and configure a solar system
100% umbalanced three phases power loads allowed Paralleled online technology (our own core technology)
Remote contol and minitor function is available (RS232/RS485 /USB)
Wide input working voltage range for MPPT
Full-round protections:high voltage, low voltage, short circuit, high temperature, overload etc.