MPPT solar charger

Model No.: WM24V (5A~100A)

Battery Voltage:12/24V

Max. Current: 5A~100A

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MPPT solar charge controller

Model No.: WM24V (5A~100A)

Battery Voltage:12/24V

Max. Current: 5A~100A

LED display screen

Wall mounted cabinet

Cabinet color choice:


New Design

SR ML 24V autoML back


Description of series:

WM series is collection of MPPT solar charge controller which is one of vital parts in off-grid solar system.Advantages include high conversion efficiency, wide range of PV input voltage,professional PC monitoring software.


Smart 3-stage MPPT charging modes

MPPT efficiency up to 99%

Charging current up to 100A

Wide PV input voltage Maximum PV input DC170V

Low Failure rate,Long service life

Available upgraded online

RS232 communication and protocol can be provided

Unlimited parallels connection realizable

Connected battery types: Sealed lead acid,Vented ,Gel,NiCd battery and other battery types

LED displays operating parameters

Protections: PV short circuit,over charging,output short circuit


WM MPPT solar charge controller