MPPT solar charger

Model No.: WMH (5A~60A)

Battery Voltage:96V/120V/192V/240V

Max. Current: 5A~60A

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MPPT solar charge controller

Model No.: WMH (5A~60A)

Battery Voltage:96V/120V/192V/240V/384V

Max.Current range: 5A~60A

LED display screen

Wall mounted cabinet

Cabinet color choice:

SC-MH_2WMH yellow 1

Description of series:

WMH series is MPPT solar charge controllers with high voltage. Advantages  include in high conversion efficiency,wide range of PV input,professional PC monitoring software.


Smart 3-stage MPPT charging mode

MPPT efficiency up to 98%

Charging current up to 100A

High voltage high stability

Wide PV input voltage range

Low Failure rate,Long service life

Available upgraded online

Unlimited paralleled connection

Connected battery types: Sealed lead acid,Vented ,Gel,NiCd battery and other battery types

LED displays operating parameters

Protections: PV short circuit,over charging,output short circuit



WMH MPPT solar charge controller